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Jake Stone

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast I learnt to surf and ride a bodyboard, I did that professionally  for 12 years travelling the world and educating myself, I believe that’s where I gained a better  understanding of myself and the world. Somewhere along that journey I wasn’t listening to my  heart, I remember the exact feeling behind it (feeling wrong) but I didn’t listen and wound up with  a broken back and a shattered right leg, this was a blessing looking back on it as it begun my  journey into health and recovery via the chek method. What I thought was going to be physical  journey actually turned into a spiritual healing journey where I realised the death of my mum at 18  hadn’t been fully dealt with and came out in depression, anxiety, anger etc. Everything we do is to bring people to a better place in their lives so we can help people on a  grand scale. 

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Callan Krause

As a child, my father was obsessed with the work of Moshe feldenkrais who’s slogan was  ‘awareness through movement’. Without realising, years and years of this awareness was  eventually instilled into me. We would look at people on the beach and try and point out  asymmetry’s in there walking patterns, he would ask me ‘how many ways can somebody sit in a  chair?’ Or what I think the most important question he asked and one that I now always pass  onto my clients is ‘How does that feel?’ 

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