Corrective Culture App

Transform Your Health with Our Corrective Culture App.

Discover Your Ultimate Companion for a Healthier Lifestyle. Our app empowers you with 100+ recipes, expert blog posts, automatic shopping lists, and personal tracking tools to guide you on your journey to optimal health and well-being. Say goodbye to food intolerances and parasites while achieving your wellness goals, one step at a time.


The app is not accessible via the app store. After purchase, you will receive an email with access to log in to the app, (check your junk/spam or confirm the email you used to purchase if you can't find it). Follow the prompts and once you have logged into the app in your browser, hit the share button and then "add to home screen."  From there, you should be able to use it as a normal app! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the recipes in the app?

To access our wide range of recipes, simply download the app, sign up, and explore the "Recipe Collection" feature. It's your gateway to delicious and nutritious meal options.

Can I customise my cleanse based on my goals?

Absolutely! Our app allows you to personalise your cleanse experience. You can choose cleanse goals and preferences, and we'll tailor the experience to your needs. 

What's unique about the journal and progress tracking?

Our journal helps you track not only your daily meals but also food intolerances, parasites, weight changes, and even before-and-after photos. It's a comprehensive tool to monitor your health journey.

Are the blog posts written by experts?

Yes, our blog posts are authored by health and wellness experts. They provide valuable insights and tips to enhance your cleanse and overall well-being.

Is the app available for both IOS and Android?

Yes, our app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How can I ensure I'm following the allowed / denied foods list during my cleanse?

Staying on track is easy with our app. Inside, you'll find a "Comprehensive Food Lists" feature that clearly outlines the foods you can enjoy and those to avoid. Use it as your handy reference to make informed choices throughout your cleanse journey.


  • Millie Mason

"This app is a game-changer! With a wide variety of recipes, a community vibe, and intuitive tracking tools, it's become my go-to for a healthier lifestyle. I can't recommend it enough."

  • Rory Tyler

"I'm love this app's simplicity and effectiveness. The automatic shopping lists make grocery trips a breeze, and the daily tasks keep me accountable. It's a 5-star wellness companion."

  • Elliot MCkenzie

“I've tried numerous health apps, but this one stands out. The cleanse instructions are easy to follow, and the journal helps me track everything. The comprehensive food lists are a godsend for meal planning!”