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Pre & Post Natal Care Program

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True nourishment, real food recipes, testing/pathology ideas for you, video cooking demonstrations, and a deep dive into nutrient support, all along with complete expert movement advice for before, during and after pregnancy.

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Access for life!
Continually updated with new content and our latest findings

Inclusive of:
  • Nutrient support to suit all phases, whether you aren't thinking of having a bubba for several years, you're 22 years postpartum, but particularly beneficial if you're planning to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Cooking video demonstrations of Sheridan's top most rotated, most nourishing, most loved recipes. 
  • 25 recipes and counting, further recipes will be added in time.
  • A deep dive into testing/pathology ideas for you, what you must add to your list that most practitioners won't think about, and where to get them.
  • Foods to potentially reduce, be mindful of, or avoid if needed and all the research and facts behind why.
  • What nutrients to consider, and where to source them.
  • Resources that can help you if you want to learn more.
  • Several nutrition topics to come.
  • Exercises to support your foundational preparation and healing for before, during and after pregnancy.
  • Movement to realign your body, particularly for those pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum.
  • Exercises to not only present as a better version of yourself (posture is huge and we need to build muscle for that!), but be pain free!
  • Expert insight from Cathy Carr (leader in women's overall health which also includes critical top tips for your pelvic floor).
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Pre & Post Natal Care Program
Pre & Post Natal Care Program