What Is The Cleanse?

Over the past few years, we have come to understand how important the internal environment, and especially the gut is in relation to creating full health and vitality within the body, but also within the mind and spirit.

Our 4 week cleanse, introduces you to an organic, nutrient-dense diet, based on high quality meats and low glycemic vegetables. We incorporate healing co-factors such as bone broth, which support the gut lining throughout the process. The cleanse eliminates all processed/artificial foods, refined oils, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, pasteurised dairy, soy, nuts/seeds and grains including bread and pasta. All of these foods can have an inflammatory effect on the body, and as a result, many clients report feeling the best they ever have after the dietary changes alone.

Additionally, we then incorporate our cleanse-specific supplements to further enhance results. “Purge” and “Extract” assist in killing off and then drawing out parasites, fungi, heavy metals and other toxic compounds, using all natural compounds and binders.

We have seen again and again, clients passing parasites during the cleanse, which has reaffirmed to us the importance of this protocol. From correcting skin conditions to chronic bloating or abdominal pain, mental health issues and of course parasitic and fungal infections, cleanse participants have experienced all kinds of incredible results. We look forward to hearing about yours!

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Our complete pack of our fungal and parasite cleanse designed to rid your body of fungal & parasitic overgrowth whilst binding to any foreign matter to completely clean out your intestinal tract. Including Oregano oil, Purge & Extract. Purchase fungal & parasite cleanse PDF for instructions & recipes.

If you are completing the cleanse with another person, you will need 1x full Product Kit PLUS 1x additional Extract. (Each participant needs their own Extract)