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About Us

Jake Stone and Callan Krause are leading figures in holistic health, movement and physical therapy in Australia. Together the boys run the esteemed 'Corrective Culture' holistic physical rehabilitation facility on the Sunshine Coast, host a popular podcast and youtube channel all while travelling across Australia and internationally, empowering others with techniques and concepts for maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system as they age.


Movement Science & Holistic Coaching

Eight hours at $2000

In person programs are a minimum of 8 hr blocks paid upfront. This is not ‘fixing your problems’ but more so teaching you how to correct your own imbalances over time to empower yourself.

  • 2 hrs are dedicated to the length tension & lifestyle assessment. We take range of motion of each muscle to the degree’s so we have something quantifiable to work from and to refer to when we reassess.

  • 1 hr dedicated to writing the custom stretching & corrective exercise program.

  • 5 hrs ( 5 sessions) dedicated to progressing through the program with the client.

Our sessions may be a week apart or a month apart depending on the case and how long is needed to be competent at the exercises given.

Sessions may also be 1 hr or 2 hrs depending on what needs to be done.

2 tonne rated swiss ball & Physio spinal roller $200 ($150 for the ball & $50 for the roller).

A cheaper ball is not recommended as it won’t hold it’s tone while you stretch and will not be able to do weighted exercises.

Generally booked out months in advance to enquire to secure your spot.