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Discover Your Ultimate Companion for a Healthier Lifestyle. Our app empowers you with 80+ recipes, expert blog posts, automatic shopping lists, and personal tracking tools to guide you on your journey to optimal health and well-being. Say goodbye to food intolerances and parasites while achieving your wellness goals, one step at a time.


Key Features

Recipe Collection

80+ Recipes (Expanding to 100)

Blog Insights

Informative Blog Posts

Shopping Helper

Automatic Shopping List Feature

Health Journal

Journal to Track Food
Intolerances and Parasites

Progress Tracker

Personal Progress Tracking
 (Weight, Before and Afters)

Food Lists

Comprehensive Food Lists
 (Allowed/Denied Foods)

Cleanse Guide

Daily Guided Tasks and Checklists

Daily Tasks

Full Cleanse Instructions

How it works

Explore Our Features

Discover an array of powerful tools at your fingertips. From recipes to shopping lists and personal tracking, our app is designed to make your wellness journey seamless.

Track Your Progress

Stay motivated with our journal and progress tracker. Monitor your weight, record before-and-after photos, and keep tabs on food intolerances and parasites.

Plan Your Cleanse

Begin by selecting your cleanse goals. Our app will guide you through the process, offering tailored recipes, daily tasks, and comprehensive food lists to support your journey.

Get Expert Insights

Dive into our informative blog posts, where experts share valuable information to enhance your cleanse experience. Learn, grow, and achieve your health goals with expert guidance.

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Unlock a Healthier You!

Ready to embark on a journey to a healthier you? Take the first step by downloading our app. With 80+ recipes, expert insights, and powerful tracking tools, it's your key to a vibrant lifestyle. Don't wait – start your wellness adventure now!


Mildred Mason


This app is a game-changer! With a wide variety of recipes, informative blog posts, and intuitive tracking tools, it's become my go-to for a healthier lifestyle. I can't recommend it enough

Randy Tyler

Personal Stylish

I'm blown away by this app's simplicity and effectiveness. The automatic shopping lists make grocery trips a breeze, and the daily tasks keep me accountable. It's a 5-star wellness companion

Edwin MCKenzie

Travel Blogger

I've tried numerous health apps, but this one stands out. The cleanse instructions are easy to follow, and the journal helps me track everything. The comprehensive food lists are a godsend for meal planning!


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